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    An application that provides detailed information about various leisure destinations, selects attractions based on the user’s interests, builds routes from them, and incorporates them into the user’s familiar paths. It narrates about them as extensively as the user desires. Additionally, it assists in choosing the best dining place that meets the user’s requirements, with the option to integrate this venue into the travel itinerary and make reservations for a table in the establishment.


    Product Designer

    Responsibilities: I needed to understand the challenges in the travel experience faced by potential users, analyze them, and identify common pain points. Through various frameworks, I devised numerous potential solutions and validated them for feasibility to ensure the application’s consistency and feasibility in development. I then crafted the application’s structure, designed its pages, developed branding, created a prototype, and gathered feedback


    I often travel and encounter challenges that I found solvable using my knowledge of UX/UI design. So, I embarked on my own project with innovative ideas, which I tested with users.

    We all, as tourists, encounter various problems. Where to go during the trip? Where to eat? What if I want a safe dining experience or if I’m eager to try the local cuisine? How to fit all the famous places of the country or city into one trip and create a well-structured itinerary? What if a particular location is crowded with tourists and turns out to be uninteresting and unimpressive? How can one learn about a building without Googling or sifting through tons of websites and instead get concise and interesting information in just a couple of clicks? My application is designed to solve all these and many more problems.


    August 2023 – January 2024

    timeline of process



    timeline of process

    I conducted a survey among 169 respondents, and the raw survey data is available upon request. Here, I will outline the key insights I obtained from the survey.

    However, I will share some insights I gained from the user survey.

    I can assume several groups of problems, the solution of which can be highlighted as priorities. These will also form the basis for feature selection during the creation of the value proposition:

    • Direction and Accommodation Selection: Addressing challenges related to choosing travel destinations and accommodations.

    • Value of Time: Focusing on saving time for travelers by providing efficient solutions.

    • Routes and Transportation: Improving the experience of planning routes and transportation methods.

    • Acquiring Current Information: Tackling the issue of finding up-to-date and relevant travel information.

    • Desire to Save: Catering to the desire for cost-saving options.

    When generating ideas to address these issues, special attention should be given to the following aspects:

    • Ratings and reviews
    • Search system
    • Personalized recommendations
    • Offline access
    • Interactive maps and routes
    • Online booking and obtaining information about visited attractions.
    timeline of process

    The mentioned companies were not provided in the lists; respondents were asked to recall the names themselves. Therefore, the displayed sources truly reflect the popularity of various applications. These apps will serve as the foundation for understanding common industry patterns, and some will be included in the competitive audit in the subsequent stages.

    Competitive Research

    Through the last question I obtained a significant list of potential competitors. However, since the application has no direct competitors in the market, I also looked for applications in three apostasies where the application is mentioned.

    I explored their architecture mainly and some common patterns

    timeline of process

    User Journey Map

    I have created a User Journey Map to highlight the key stages that a customer goes through from the moment a need arises to before, during, and after purchasing a tour or planning a trip. Understanding the user’s emotions and issues during product usage is essential.

    timeline of process

    Define & Ideate


    To empathize with the user and create a user-centered design, I developed several personas. Throughout the design process, I frequently referred to them to simply ponder at times, ‘Which option would be more understandable for Jared Smith or what design would Eline Hansen prefer.

    timeline of process

    Understand the goal

    To better understand user’s pain pints and needs, I used User Stories and also used its results to write the Problem Statement. To better construct them I used the 5W’s and H framework, answering questions like Who…, What…, Where…, When…, Why…, and How….

    After that, I came up with Hypothesis Statements to describe what I expect from the app and how it can solve user problems.

    I’ve written 8-10 of each of the listed frameworks, but for example, I’ll show just a few, to demonstrate their outcomes, and how they were implemented.

    Also I returned after formulating the Value Propositions (next chapter) to create the final 6 Goal Statements. Based on these statements, I set the objectives I intended to achieve in my work and outlined how I would measure effectiveness.

    timeline of process

    Preposition Value

    TAll the previous work was necessary to formulate a list of features that would be included in the application. Here, I visually demonstrated the selection process for each feature.

    For instance, initially, I brainstormed all the features that came to mind. Then, I filtered out those that, for various reasons, did not align with the core idea’s values. Following that, I considered which features each of my personas would vote for. Lastly, at the fourth stage, I eliminated those features that are already available for free in other applications, aiming to concentrate on unique capabilities.

    timeline of process


    Information Architecture

    Having defined the list of features to be included, I created a User Flow and, with it in hand, began organizing the features into a logical structure, subordinating one page to another. During this process, three main entities and one auxiliary entity were clearly identified.

    timeline of process


    Since I didn’t have a particular order for the application’s structure, I had to roughly outline what each screen would entail and how they would be connected. Initially, I created a paper-based low-fidelity wireframe. After several iterations of revisions, I transitioned everything to digital format, and using these screens as a foundation, I began creating a high-fidelity wireframe.

    timeline of process

    Login & Onboarding

    At this stage, I have worked on different states of inputs and buttons depending on user actions, developed the registration flow and subsequent onboarding, as well as password recovery scenarios for situations when users might forget their passwords.

    timeline of process

    Home page & Collection of personal interests

    In this section, I showcased some of the screens of the main application homepage and the ‘Wish’ tab, which aims to curate and store information about places the user has selected to visit.

    timeline of process

    Home page & Collection of personal interests

    On the third tab of the main page, there is a section called ‘Make a Trip,’ which is dedicated to customizing and generating a route in the city where the user is located or in a city the user has chosen. The route creation is based on data from the ‘Wish’ tab and the selected interests that the user indicated during the onboarding stage.

    timeline of process

    Audioguides & Reviews

    On the detailed page dedicated to a specific establishment or landmark, there is a review section where users can leave their own feedback. Additionally, within the application, as part of the generated route or during a leisurely walk, users can request the app to generate a narrative about the visited landmark of various lengths.

    timeline of process

    Get directions

    The third main section ‘Guide mode’ focuses on route planning on-site, as well as on leisurely walks where users can decide where to go and what to listen to autonomously.

    timeline of process

    Services screens

    timeline of process
    timeline of process


    Software: Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Spline

    • Prototyping
    • Wireframing
    • UX/UI design
    • Personas
    • iOS/Android Guidelines

    • User centred aproach
    • Design Thinking Process
    • Competitive Audit
    • User Research

    • 3D
    • Sketching
    • Informational Architecture

    My thoughts about the job

    This project exceeded my expectations in several aspects. Firstly, in terms of time, I initially planned to complete it within 2 months, but it ended up taking around 5 months. Secondly, in terms of complexity and volume, the project grew significantly during the sketching process. As I delved into creating wireframes and started considering error states, various component states, the number of screens multiplied exponentially compared to the initial plan.

    The third aspect was the enhancement of my skills. This comprehensive project allowed me to apply newly acquired knowledge in design and further practice interface design tasks from scratch. An important milestone was the intricate work on the UI kit and creating color schemes using variables in the design, enabling the easy switch between dark and light themes with just one click.

    What’s next

    In the future, I plan to:

    1. Create a couple of marketing videos with application mockups to learn After Effects.
    2. Refine the transitions between screens. While a basic prototype has been created, I aim to dedicate more time to this aspect.
    3. Develop a business presentation about the project using the Tilda website builder. This presentation will be aimed at informing potential investors about the feasibility of bringing such an application to life.

    I will add all the above-mentioned items to this page as they are completed.

    timeline of process
    THANK YOU FOR the ATTENTION I will be glad to any cooperation