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    The internet bank of large companies may contain very important and confidential information. For each new user, the manager must draw up a power of attorney at the bank office, which confirms that this employee can work with the data.

    Previously, the power of attorney was paper, with difficult, legal language.


    It is necessary to develop a design for a section in the Internet Bank, where it would be possible to issue an electronic power of attorney without visiting a branch.

    The bank must receive the same data that it received when filling out a written power of attorney, but at the same time, ensuring maximum comfort for the client in managing powers of attorney.

    The completed application for issuing a power of attorney is processed by bank employees within 2-3 days. At this time, the client should be able to view the status of the application or edit it.

    Bank employees may reject the application for a power of attorney and ask to correct any data.

    Also, the client should be able to view the list of all issued powers of attorney, edit or revoke them.


    • UX/UI Designer


    • Conduct User research;
    • Generation and testing of hypotheses;
    • UX design;
    • Project prototyping;
    • Preparing a presentation of the finished solution.


    Sources of knowledge

    Bank employees provided information and contacts of some of the bank’s clients who were ready to be interviewed. More than 10 interviews were conducted with representatives of the bank’s clients and bank employees, the purpose of which was to understand the problems that users may encounter when working with the studied section of the bank. I also studied open data about user behavior when filling out complex legal documents.


    • The previous power of attorney used too complicated wording, they were not fully or partially understood by 100% of the respondents. Also, 100% noted that they would hardly have been able to fill out an application if there was no consultant of the bank nearby.
    • When filling out complex forms, situations often occur when all the data is not here and now, but there is no need to keep all the necessary information in mind, according to studies, about 72% use drafts for similar operations.
    • The Nielsen Norman Group, in its outreach work, notes that when filling out complex forms, it is useful to give users an idea of the amount of information they will have to enter into the form and how long it will take,
    • 8 out of 10 clients of the bank indicated that they would like to see a solution that would not take up many pages or a large area of the working space, which prompted the idea that the form of dashboards would be the most optimal for such tasks.
    timeline of process


    timeline of process
    timeline of process

    User stories

    As the CEO of Ogurets OJSC, I want to be able to apply for a power of attorney online so that not to waste time on issuing it at the bank office.

    As a medium-sized business owner, I want to be able to view the status of the application or edit it, see the list of issued powers of attorney, edit or revoke them so that not to keep in mind the status of all the necessary powers of attorney.

    As a medium-sized business owner, I want to be prompted when filling out a complex form so that I don’t make a mistake and then correct it by calling the bank.

    Design iterations

    User flow

    I designed the user flow based on the needs, of course, in front of you is not its first version, but the one that formed the basis of the final solution. Before reaching it, 2 iterations of usability testing passed, in the photo below you can see sketches of the first version of the user flow, it is important to note that the entire flow is based only on the functionality that I considered the minimum necessary.

    timeline of process

    Usability study

    After two iterations of usability testing, we managed to reach the middle way between functionality and simplicity of the solution. If we talk about success metrics, the average speed of issuing a power of attorney at the very first iteration of the design was 9 mins. 42 sec. , and at the final - 7 mins. 06 sec. But it is much faster than going to a bank office, waiting in line, wasting time understanding and completing a legal document.

    Below you can see what problems I encountered and how I approached them:

    1. The vertical menu is designed to free up more space on the Y-axis, thereby increasing the visible space without compromising ease of navigation.
    timeline of process
    1. In order not to get confused in powers of attorney, in addition to the fact that we will categorize all powers of attorney, we will write for each status, which will be accompanied by a color coding, the expiration date of the power of attorney, the full name of the authorized person and the role according to the power of attorney.

    1. To simplify userflow, let’s give the opportunity not to go deeper than the first page once again and leave all the necessary information on the first screen.

      We will also give you the opportunity to perform actions to manage powers of attorney.

      For example: Progress bar for pending powers of attorney, indicating how much time is left before the end of the review.

      We will indicate the expiration date of the power of attorney and remind you of the imminent expiration of the power of attorney, as well as offer the opportunity to make a new one according to the model.

    1. It happens that the user making the application does not know all the information that is needed, in this case we will give the opportunity to save the draft application and continue from where we left off last time, when all the information is available.
    timeline of process

    timeline of process
    1. To solve the problem of using a complex language in previously used documents and simplify the user’s understanding of the upcoming procedure, we wi ll add:
    • a progress bar so that the user can know how much is left;
    • division of the application into three semantic blocks, visually simplifying the form;
    • hints explaining the terms and requested information so that the user can fill it out himself without consulting anyone;
    • the possibility at the end, before sending, to check all the entered information;indicate the approximate time of filling out the application.

    timeline of process
    timeline of process

    1. To avoid deleting data by mistake or erroneously revoking a power of attorney, let’s add an additional pop-up window to verify the user’s intent.

    1. In order to simplify access to already issued powers of attorney, let’s add a generated power of attorney image to the power of attorney card for printing and downloading to a local computer.

    UI Decisions

    Color palette

    timeline of process


    timeline of process

    Components & Icons

    timeline of process


    timeline of process


    Prototype placeholder CLICK, to view prototype

    Video of using


    Software: Figma

    • Prototyping
    • Wireframing
    • UX/UI design
    • Personas

    • User centred aproach
    • Design Thinking Process
    • User Stories
    • User Flow

    • User Research
    • Usability testing
    • Sketching

    My insights

    I started working on this project in full anticipation of the next adventure. I enjoyed working on the project, bringing to life the ideas that come up in my head to simplify the user experience. The process of cutting off unnecessary functionality and leaving only the necessary was interesting. The User flow design process was fascinating, for me it was like decorating a Christmas tree for the New Year, where ‘decorations’ are a necessary functionality that needs to be carefully placed so that it looks organic and not difficult, at the same time try not to overdo it with decorations.

    There were no difficulties when working with the legal side of this project, perhaps due to my legal background. The position of users was also very clear to me and it was relatively easy to show empathy in this matter.

    THANK YOU FOR the ATTENTION I will be glad to any cooperation